"Oplyser" ("Illuminator") is an infrared dazzler transmitting messages in Morse code.
The emitted light is in the infrared spectrum ((850nm and 940nm), and not visible to the human eye but only visible through night-vision surveillance cameras or by using night goggles.
Due to the strength of the light, the device will function as a dazzler targetting security camera. At the same time the device transmits paragraph 71 clause 1 of the Danish constitution in Morse code, and thus informs the remote security personnel of my rights. Demokrati Oplyser prototype

What is a Dazzler?

A Dazzler is a direct-energy non-lethal weapon, often using lasers to temporarily blind people.

Identifying night vision surveillance cameras

"Night vision" cameras usually have a nearby infrared light source. It might be just a circle of LED-lights around the camera. But on more professional cameras it is usually a separate device looking like a spotlight or just a box with a black front.
Simple night vision camera with a circle of LEDs around the lense. Large range outdoor cameras usually have a separate light source nearby. (Light is invisible to the human eye).
Danmarks Riges Grundlov, § 71 Stk. 1.
Den personlige frihed er ukrænkelig. Ingen dansk borger kan på grund af sin politiske eller religiøse overbevisning eller sin afstamning underkastes nogen form for frihedsberøvelse.

The Constitutional Act of Denmark, § 71 Clause 1.
Personal liberty shall be inviolable. No Danish subject shall, in any manner whatsoever, be deprived of his liberty because of his political or religious convictions or because of his descent.

Video on YouTube
View a short demo video

Link to Torpedo18 on FacebookMicro-performance outside the Danish Supreme Court (cameras overlooking the stairs to the Ministry of State), April 2 2009, 8:00-8:03 PM.
Photo: Frank Altschul Jensen / Torpedo18

"Oplyser" was made as part of the torpedo18 project.

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