Power of Mind

An Online Installation
The Power of the Mind / Memory takes an interview with chief of staff lieutenant-colonel Poul Dahl as the point of departure for a political comment. An unstable online version of the interview is connected to physical installation that consists of a web server with a transcription of the interview and an electric network of a couple of hundred potatoes (the Danish national food).
When the potatoes begin dry out or sprout his disturbing answers will gradually disappear as a sign of fading memory and the text be replaced by heart shaped symbols.

The Power of the Mind / Memory was produced for the exhibition "Værk - Changing territories". And was shown at "Knabstrub Kulturfabrik" during the summer of 2004.

Click here to visit the "Værk04" exhibition at Knabstrup Kulturfabrik (Denmark)

Download technical description [PDF]
Luigi Galvani demonstrated electrical nerve stimulation on a frog in 1780. Abu Ghraib / Iraq. Electrical supported memory.
Poul Dahl during the interview. Screenshot. The interface between the potatoes and the server.

The installation at the "Værk - Changing Territories" exhibition.
Visit the online version.

© 2004, Mogens Jacobsen