A Reactive Installation
SKIP is a reactive installation showing a Technics SL1200 turntable equipped with two high performances white LEDs in place of the stylus. The lights are modulated by four sine waves (at 0.4Hz, 4Hz, 40Hz and 400Hz).
A 12” mirror disc rotating on the turntable reflects the modulated light.
Movements near the turntable and vibrations in the floor are sensed by the installation and cause the lights to skip in their sequences.
The 12" mirror disc. The stylus head with the two high performance white LEDs mounted.
The BX24 microprocessor is used to calculating the level of vibrations and for controlling the LEDs. Vibrations in the floor are picked up using a 10" loudspeaker as a highly sensitive low-frequency microphone. The green box is a preamplificer used to match the input level of the BX24..
SKIP shown during the Radar Festival in Copenhagen

SKIP shown during the Radar Festival in Copenhagen

© 2004, Mogens Jacobsen