Shanghai Landscape 2

Video 2008

Playing time: 10 min. 00 sec.
Resolution: 5560 x 600 / 25P fps.
Concept and programming: Mogens Jacobsen.
Audio: Mogens Jacobsen.
Photography: Jacobsen, Lei Yang and found images

Shanghai Landscape 2 is an algorithmic movie about being lost in a surrounding city.

Shanghai Landscape 2 is a slit-scan film based a large composite still-image made of many photos.

It was produced as an ultrahigh resolution video for the Shanghai eArts festival 2008 in China. It was projected on a custom build panoramic screen made by HollandHouse. The accompanying audio consists of three low frequency oscillators being modulated by the video

The vertically scanned landscape of buildings portrays a growing environment of expanding building. The 360 degree panorama screen and the very physical claustrophobic audio completely engulf the audience.