Mogens Jacobsen: CV

Born 1959 in Rome, Italy.
Lives and works in Copenhagen.


2023 "Multitude and Singularity and", La Bicolore, Paris, France.
"An exhibition about who we are and might become", Deutsches Hygiene-Museum, Dresden, Germany.
2022 "nordiSKulptur 2", Skulptursalen, Funen Art Academy, Odense, Denmark.
"nordiSKulptur", Holmgårds Galleri, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Lucky Projects Window", Lucky Editions, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"The Temporary Library", MicroPOM, Aalborg, Denmark.
2021 "The World is in You", Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Art of Sport - Onside", Skjold Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2020 "Decembristerne", Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Feedback 5: Global Warning", Museum für Kommunikation, Frankfurt, Germany.
"Shoot, Copenhagen International Football Film Festival", Copenhagen, Denmark.
2019 "Marshall McLuhan and the Arts", SoCA, Windsor, Canada.
"Holmgårds Efterårssalon", Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Feedback #4", Valade Family Gallery / CCS, Detroit, USA.
2018 "Wunderkammer 1 - flydende form", Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Esbjerg, Denmark.*
"Feedback #2", Eigen+Art, Berlin, Germany.
2017 "Mind the Gut", Medical Museion, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Feedback", West, den Haag, The Netherlands.
"404 Not Found", Den Frie Center of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark.*
2016 "Data Materialities", SIGGRAPH Art Gallery, Anaheim, USA.
2015 "Election: Exhibition", DIAS, Vallensbæk, Denmark.
"Random Numbers", 3331 Arts CYD, Tokyo, Japan*.
"Improved Apparatus", Kunsthalle/PLU41, Berlin, Germany.
2014 "Aarhus Rapport – Avantgarde as network (or, the politics of the ultralocal)", Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark.
"Too Unstable", DIAS, Vallensbæk, Denmark.
"Artnode Office", Alt_Cph Copenhagen's Independent Art Fair.*
"OpenWire Sketches", KØS Museum of Art in Public Spaces, Denmark.
"Click festival", Elsinore, Denmark.
"Open Wire", Køge Kyst, Køge, Denmark.
"Opening show", DIAS, Digital Interactive Art Space, Vallensbæk, Denmark.
"Systemics #3. Against the idea of growth, towards poetry (or, how to build a universe that doesn’t fall apart two days later)", Kunsthal Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark.
2013 ”Measuring Peripheries", N.O., Katuaq, Nuuk, Greenland.
"Zeigen - An Audio Tour through Copenhagen by Karin Sander ", NCCAC, Copenhagen.
"Bugs", Netfilmmakers, Copenhagen.
"Digitally Disturbed", Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen.
"Nordic Outbreak", Espaço Cultural Tendal da Lapa, São Paulo, Brazil.
"Nordic Outbreak", ISEA, Sydney, Australia.
"Nordic Outbreak", Streaming Museum at DUMBO / New Museum, New York City, USA.
"Algoshorts", Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival, Plymouth, UK.
"Back When Pluto Was A Planet", Transmediale, HKW, Berlin, Germany.
"Art can't be defined... which I have just done", Black Box Gallery, Copenhagen.
2012 "Multiple", Black Box Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.
"Nondigital", Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
"Domestic Music/Live Audience Dubbing", CAF Bar, Copenhagen Art Festival, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Denmark.*
  "Enter Construction", Alt_Cph 2012, Copenhagen Independent Art Fair, Denmark.
  "Sound Art. Klang als Medium der Kunst", ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.
  "Statistically Speaking", Black Box Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.*
2011 "Multiple Market", Black Box Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "OECDlab", PiST///, Istanbul, Turkey.*
  "ACTS", Festival for Performative Art, Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark.
2010 "Re-Public", Beijing, China.
  "Biotopia", PORT 20:10, Utzon Center, Aalborg, Denmark.
  "Coffee with Sugar", Open Art Foundation, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
  "Coffee with Sugar", Kopenhagen Contemporary Art Weekend, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "Repair", Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
  "Black and Brunn", Black Box Gallery / Galerie Brunnhofer, Linz, Austria.
  "Good Vibrations", Musica Impulscentrum, Neerpelt, Belgium.
  "Departure ", National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria.
  "Anticensor", #wb10, Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, Istanbul, Turkey.
2009 "ID-entity", NOtCH, Beijing, China.
  "Langt Ude", Arresødalparken, Frederiksværk, Denmark.
  "Fri Porto", Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "Videokunst på Bryggen", Vejle, Denmark.*
  "Gruppen (uden dig)", Fast video / Pixel, Copenhagen, Denmark.*
  "Roommade/Roommate", Gjethuset, Frederiksværk, Denmark.
  "No Place to Hide", Skive New Art Museum, Skive, Denmark.
  "Enter Action", ARoS, Århus, Denmark.
2008 "Feng Shui Omniscience", Shanghai eARTS, Shanghai, China.
  "Total Action", Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark.
  "Alt_Cph", The Factory of Art and Design, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "The Art of Travel", Black Box Gallery, Linz, Austria.
  "Klanken aan 't Ij", Muziekgebouw/OBA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  "Senko Frame Project", Senko Studio, Viborg, Denmark.
  "Virtual Moves", National Gallery / Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2007 "YOU_ser", ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany.
  "Coffee with sugar", Total Museum , Seoul, Republic of Korea.
  "WebScape", Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum , Sorø, Denmark.
  "dokumentART European Filmfestival", Neubrandenburg, Germany.
  "OFFicyna", Szczecin, Poland.
  "Audiobar", Festival of Research, Pakhus 11, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  "NetSpace: Improvvisazioni del software", Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Roma, Italy.
  "TurntablistPC", Vestsjællands Kunstmuseum , Sorø, Denmark.*
  "RealitySamples", Skive Ny Kunstmuseum, Skive, Denmark.
  "Social_Aktion", Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark.
2006 "Electrohype 2006", Lunds Konsthall, Lund, Sweden.
  "On the edge ", Århus Kunstbygning, Århus, Denmark.
"Body Works", Reuten Galerie, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  "OutVideo06". Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg a.o.places, Russia.
  "Bandits-Mages". Maison de la Culture, Bourges, France.
  "CopyFight". Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona, Spain.*
2005 “FILE05”. SESI Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.
  ”Get Real”. Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde, Denmark.
  "8th Japan Media Arts Festival". Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Japan.
2004 "Electrohype biennial". Malmö Konsthall , Malmö, Sweden.
  ”Get Real”. Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland.
  “FILE04”. SESI Gallery, São Paulo, Brazil.
  "Digital Move", DAM Berlin at Sony Center, Berlin, Germany.
  “Vaerk – Changing Territories”. Knabstrup Kulturfabrik, Denmark.
  “OutVideo”. National Center for Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg/Sverdlovsk, Russia.
  “Get Physical”. Part of the Radar2004 festival, Copenhagen.*
  “Classico II”. Electrohype ROM, Malmoe, Sweden.
  “SlowTime”. Cinematek LMD, Cologne, Germany.
2003 “Crime Scene”. Electrohype ROM, Malmoe, Sweden.*
2001 "The future is now". Part of the exhibition "Vision and reality", Louisiana museum of modern art, Denmark.
  ”Users’ Club”. National Gallery / Statens Museum for Kunst. Copenhagen.*
  ”Back, Forward, Home - Navigate”. National Foundation for the Arts, Copenhagen.
2000 “Nordic Archive for Contemporary Electronic Art”. Stockholm Art Fair, 2000, Sweden.*
1999 "100 Drawings". National Gallery / Statens Museum for Kunst. Copenhagen.*
1998 "The Fall Exhibition". Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
  "InfoWar". Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
1997 "Das Gewand". (Multiple locations), Germany.
  "Art Jukebox". Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen.
1996 "Several Subjects". Projectroom at SmartShow, Stockholm, Sweden.*
  "Biosampling". Part of “Copenhagen Cyberport”, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, Copenhagen.
1995 "ISEA95". Montréal, Canada.
  "Ambiguo". Milan, Italy.
  "Welcome to the Wired World". Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
  "CG95". The Ukraine Artists Union, The Art Project Centre, Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
1994 "The Fall Exhibition". Charlottenborg, Copenhagen.
  "Intelligente Ambiente". Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
  "The Media Lounge" at The International Symposium on Electronic Art, Helsinki, Finland.
1993 "Genetic Art". Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
  "MAB", Museu de Arte de Brusque, Brusque, Brazil.
1992 "ACM/SIGGRAPH", Chicago, USA.
1990 "ACM/SIGGRAPH", Dallas, USA.
1989 "Musikerne maler, malerne musicerer og digterne holder kæft", Ovengaden, Copenhagen.


Artnode Foundation group show

Online Projects

2020 "Statsministerens tale 11. marts 2020".
2016 "Sound Contours". Collaboration w. Jonas Fritsch at SenseLab, Montreal. (
2014 "Captive Portal - a network for art related materials" (
2010 "The Internet Ear". Collaboration on project by Stelarc.
2009 "Svært Tilgængelig Samtidskunst" (
2007 "" (
2005 "Weekend67" (Hvedekorn 2/05).
2003 “Banner Fight Back”.
”Perec Typography”.
2002 ”Reactive portraits”
“Aquarel Browsers “.
”Art Chatbot”
2001 ”Seven Pillars”. Part of the “High Density 1” project.
“ReWrite 1”.
2000 “Kvartet III & IV”.
1999 ”Back, Forward, Home – Navigate”. Part of the project "Stedet3”.
1998 “OPA”, part of the “Looped” project.
1997 ”Home”.
1996 ”Everorange”.

Presentations, conferences & residencies (selected)

2022 LASER Talk - Leonardo/ISAST, AAU, Aalborg, Denmark.
2020 Processing Commuity Day, Aarhus, Denmark.
2019 Minor Movements, SenseLab, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2018 Artist Talk, Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark.
Diversity, Inequality and Transformations in the Digital Age, CBS, Denmark.
2017 Affective Interfaces, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Museums and Immaterial Art, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebæk, Denmark.
The Affect-o-Meeting, SenseLab, IIKM Bauhaus-Universität, Weimar, Germany.
2016 Distributing the Insensible, SenseLab, Université Concordia, Montreal, Canada.
2015 Residency at 3331 Arts CYD, Tokyo, Japan.
Lecture, Danish/Japanese Society, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2015 Lecture, DOMA Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria.
2013 Artist Talk, Parsons The New School for Design, New York, USA.
2013 Blackboard Intervention, Transmediale, HKW, Berlin, Germany.
2012 Masterclass, IslandCQ, Irbene RT32, Latvia.
2011 Residency at PiST, Istanbul, Turkey.
2010 Artist Talk, Copenhagen Alternative Art Fair, Copenhagen, Denmark.
2009 Consciousness Reframed, The Planetary Collegium's Xth International Research Conference, Munich, Germany.
2008 FILE, Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
2007 Lecture & workshop, The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts, Aarhus, Denmark.
2006 CopyFight, Centre d'Art Santa Mònica, Barcelona, Spain.
2006 Bandits-Mages, Maison de la Culture, Bourges, France.
2006 Program, Kunst, Maskine, Aarhus University, Denmark.
2002 User Experience - Between Aesthetics and Usability, SIGCHI, Denmark.
2001 Art in a networked society, Talk at the Ministry of Culture, Denmark.


Niels Welles Bagges Kunstfond, 2021.
Exhibition Award and Grant from Danish Arts Foundation, 2017.
Danish Arts Foundation, Grant: 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2010, 2008.
Danish Arts Foundation, Project Support: 2021, 2017, 2014.
Danish Arts Council, Project Support: 2013, 2010.
Danish Arts Council, International Exhibition Support: 2013, 2011, 2010.
Danish Arts Foundation, International Residency Support: 2015, 2011.
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Travel Grant: 2013.
Vekselerer Villiam H. Michaelsen legat for unge tegnere: 1999.


UMAC Award, International Council of Museums, 2019 (as part of MtG curatorial team)
"Golden Reel" (First price/Interactive Media), International Television Association (ITVA), 1999
  Prix Ars Electronica '95, Linz, Austria.
  Prix Ars Electronica '94, Linz, Austria.
  Prix Ars Electronica '93, Linz, Austria.

Bibliography (excluding reviews and catalogues)

2021 "Affects, Interfaces, Events", B. M.Stavning Thomsen, J. Kofoed, J.Fritsch (eds.), Imbricate! Pres. ISBN: 979-8-7295-2452-5
2020 "Technology and Creativity", Pedersen, Slavich, Khaire (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan ISBN: 978-3-030-17565-8
2020 "An Eco-Logic of Change: the need for an Affective Re-valuation of Urban Space", J Fritsch & K Samson in Geoforum Perspektiv Vol. 19 No. 35 (2020): Using data to Rethink Cities for people in a Post-COVID19 World. ISSN: 2245-8433
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2009 "Ars Hypermedia" Issue 1, Simultaneita
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2010 Kain: "Dadamerica" , BIN 00-08 ‎(7", Ltd), Denmark
2009 Mogens Jakobsen: "Subject / Somewhere Outside", Karma Music KMCD 101009 (CD), Denmark
2007 Tristan T: "Alt 1982-2006 compilation", Glorious Records GRTT12 (2 × CD), Denmark
1986 Tristan T: "Blodrus", Sonet SLP 1656 (LP), Denmark
1985 Kain: "Dadamerica", Replik Muzick REP 21 (‎7"), Denmark
1984 Cinema Noir: "Ø", CN2 (12”), Denmark
Tristan T: "Hej Verden", Replik Muzick REP 18 (LP), Denmark
Dobbelt Plus: "++ Dobbelt Plus", Medley Records MdLP 6175 (LP), Denmark
M.J & Henrik Mxll.: "Untitled" Katacombe Vol. 1, Industria Tepa IT 01 (MC), Italy
1983 M.J & Henrik Mxll.: "Untitled" Katacombe Vol. 1, Schrei Records (MC), Germany
1983 En Munter Dag: "Various - Some Waves", Graf Haufen Tapes GHT-21 (MC), Germany
WIM: "None" ‎(CD), Night Of Flexipop Vol. 1 Flexi-Pop 21, Holland, (unknown year)
WIM: "Somewhere Outside – Etellerandetstedudenfor", Irmgardz IRMG 8 (2 x LP), Denmark
MJ: "MJ", Basedofv 008 (MC), Denmark
Ti Ord: "Ti Ord", Basedofv 003 (MC), (as producer & publisher)
1982 Thyge og Erhard: "Jubilæum", Basedofv 001 (MC), Denmark (as producer & publisher)
Die Garantien Der Harmonie Und Freiheit: "DGdHuF", Basedofv 002 (MC), Denmark
Cinema Noir: "Untitled", Not on label/Self-released (7”), Denmark


2010- Lecturer, People and Computational Things, IT University, Copenhagen.
2011-14 Assistant Professor, Zealand Institute of Business and Technology, Roskilde, Denmark.
2015 Thesis supervisor, Danish National Academy of Music, Esbjerg, Denmark.
2010 Guest teacher, 46H Design Study, Køge, Denmark.
2003-09 Adjunct Professor, Department of Arts & Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen.
1999 Guest teacher, Designskolen Kolding, Denmark.


  Masterclass by Stephen Wilson (SFSU) and Roy Ascott (CAiiA).
  Masterclass, Gender and Media Art. McGill University, Canada.
  Film, Media, Cognition and Communication. University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Positions of trust

Appointed expert to the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Program, Nordic Council of Ministers (2018-2021).
Chairman of the curatorial board, DIAS, Digital Interactive Art Space, Denmark (2017-2019).
Chair, Politics of the Machines, EVAC18, Copenhagen, Denmark (2018).
Co-curator, Mind the Guts, Medical Museion, Denmark (2016-2017).
Boardmember, DIAS, Digital Interactive Art Space, Denmark (2016-2017).
Member of Editorial Advisory Board, "Digital Creativity", Routledge (2013 - ).
Design Chair, NordiCHI (2012).
  Member of "New Media Forum", Denmark (2003-2009).
Member of the advisory board, DIAS, Digital Interactive Art Space, Denmark (2014-2017).
  Member of the advisory board, Tekne Production Initiative, Denmark (2007-2009).
  Member of the advisory board, Danish National Board of Heritage (2004-2011).
  Member of the Artpolitika/OutVideo jury, Russia (2007).
  Co-curator, Article festival, Norway (2006).
  Member of the editorial board, Danish Film Institute / Workshop (2001-2003).


Co-founder of the Danish Artnode Foundation (
Member of Kunstnersamfundet (Danish Association of Artists) (2007 - ).


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